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Now doesn't the arguement go something like this: My cat is smarter than your dog. Oh woof. Any dog is smarter than any cat. Cats are dignified, dogs are grovelers. Dogs Rule, Cats Drool. And so it goes. The arguement has gone on since people realized that dogs and cats are good for more than hunting or killing.

But are they really smart?

If Intelligence is defined as “the ability to acquire and remember information and the capability to use that information while solving different problems”, then the cat is definitely the most intelligent animal from all those surrounding us, including dogs. Ok you Rotties, QUIET!  

Put an adult cat into a room in which she has never been before and see how she inspects every corner of that room. This detailed search gives her valuable information about the environment, information that can even save her life in some cases. This curiosity, specific to cats, never harmed them. On the contrary it gave them  the reputation of having nine lives!


We al know that the ability cats have to inspect surroundings is legendary, but, at the same time it has been proven that this ability is superior to that of any other domestic animal.

The intellectual capacity of the cat is demonstrated by her ability of using information she already has to pass safely through certain situations. Cats are capable of forming “learning methods”, a characteristic that was supposed to belong only to primates.


Considering the fact that the cat is the most intelligent domestic animal (ok you dogs, be quiet...) it is very important that the owner knows very clearly the limits of her cognitive processes. Assigning the pet human motives can cause damage and behavioral problems. 

For example, a cat cannot reflect upon the past or think in perspective, so punishing her for something she has done only minutes earlier is useless, because the cat is not capable of connection the punishment with her actions. The same way, cats can’t claim revenge for a past punishment. So if you don't catch her in the act of spilling that glass of water all over your dinner table it's pointless to punish her. She won't know what it's for.


In conclusion, don’t underestimate the intelligence of your cat! Try and know better your pet and act in such a manner that living together can be a benefic experience for both of you.

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